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Equity for start-up

Hi Bubble Community,

I have seen a number of discussions here regarding equity in start-ups and thought I would offer the community an opportunity for equity the start-up I am a part of.

My business partner and I are looking for someone with capacity developing apps, specifically B2B/marketplace type platforms, initially through bubble (although diversity of experience outside of bubble and on other platforms would evidence experience/flexibility).

I am an operations/project management specialist and my business partner is an exceptional marketing and communications expert and we are looking for a co-founder of our start-up with high-level tech skills. We are offering significant equity in our start-up as payment in the range of potentially 15-33% to the right person - pending values alignment, commitment to the long game of course quality work.

We are both based in Australia and the majority of our market research reflects the Australian market however the space we are operating in is quite topical at the moment and the demand is clearly high globally.

If you think you would be the right fit, based on this very cryptic description, we’d love to discuss this further with you - our hopeful future CTO.

Hey Jayden.

If I were you, I’d have found a Bubbler with whom you can work directly offline, I mean you need someone from Australia. I tried remote even with highly-commumicative folks, but it always hard to be 100% on the same page. Especially if it’s not just a contractor, but a cofounder.

Can you also tell us more about the startup? Have you already built a product in Bubble that has its early traction (first paying users) ?