Any bubble developers working for equity?

Hello Bubblers!

I’m a solo-founder with a b2b app built on Bubble currently in closed beta with a few future customers signed. Monthly cost for a Bubble developer (bug fixes/future development) is taking its toll financially and would like to really bring an equity based developer on board to give the app a real opportunity.

Its a video job board for companies hiring creative candidates for part-time jobs. The MVP is very basic at the moment, but has great potential as we have a small group of 7 companies signed up so far and 7 candidates.

Look forward to hearing from all and Happy Holidays!



Hello Steve, I’m interested.

Will send over an email, thanks!


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Interested, what kind of app is it

It’s a video job for companies hiring performing artists and creatives for part-time jobs.

Possible to view your app? To see if the work can be continued