Erreur Connexion Google

Hey all, @neerja

I am using the google plugin so user can connect to my app with their google accunt.

It works fine. unfortunatly if they disconnect and log again, the following error appears

Why ? how Can I fix it ?

Thanks for your time

@petit-ricard Is this when:
A) they logout of your app/remain logged into Google and then log back into your app
B) they logout of Google and then try to log into your app which should give them a prompt from Google to login but instead shows this error
C) They are already logged into Google or are prompted to do so and successfully login but on redirect to your app gives this error

Haven’t seen similar reports so a bug report will help or we can try to recreate if this is happening consistently.

Review your Google Console parameter. Make sure that the links follow Google’s guidelines and make sure they are correct. For example: http is differemt than https. That will cause issues

Thanks for yoour quick reply.

non of them, actually, the suer logged in from we switched to a new version and used the Both are registered in google cloud platform.

When the user (previously connected on /log-in) went on /log-in2 the error appeared