Google login fails when I am kicked out of my app

For some time, I have seen how the google login fails under certain circumstances.

Now I have been able to pinpoint the cause.

I have a timeout feature that logs the user out if there is no activity for X minutes and the user doe snot react.

The first time I try to use google login after I am logegd out, I get the screen below.

The second time, the login works.

This happens like clockwork. Any idea of why and how I can prevent this?

It says clearly that the problem is the redirect uri. You get more details if you click “error details”.
If you go in your google developer console you can see the authorized redirect uri and add the one you are missing.

hi Mariano, thanks a lot and apologies for asking. I created an account on the google cloud console, not the google developer console.

Do you mean i should see the authorized redirect uri in the google cloud console, under my credentials?

Go in your cloud console, the one from where you set up you credentials for the integration.
You should see your client ID, client secret and a list of redirect URIs.
Check the error details in the failed google signin, you should be able to see the mismatched url.

thanks Mariano. I think i know what the problem was, and more importantly, how to solve it if it happens again in the future.
I added one more uri and now I need to wait to see if it works. thanks again.

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