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Erro 403 - forbiden initialize api

Hello guys,

I’m trying to initialize an api call and i receiving the error:

There was an issue setting up your call.

Raw response for the API
Status code 403

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden

This error is intermittent, sometimes returns 403 anothe time 200.

My endpoint:

Method: Post
body raw:
“cpfemail”: “00000000000”,
“senha”: “547689”

all tests performed via postman returns 200 but via Bubble API Connector is intermittent.

I need solution , please!

Tks guys

Can you share your settings in API connector

Do you have any API Documentation? Maybe share your postman settings too?

i dont have the API documentation in the moment, but i use this call for a long time. The problem started today.

I use this route a lot, it will be my API provider blocking calls from IP BUBBLE?

If this started today without any change on your side, the problem come either from API server or a Bubble bug. Because it’s 403 and intermittent, I would think it’s more on API Server side.
Sure this is possible that you API provider block Bubble. This can explain the issue. You should try to add user-agent header. You can give the value you want (like the name of your app).

it makes sense.

Tomorrow I will contact the provider.

Tks for attention man, i will returned here with the solution.

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