Error 405 api connector PUT


I have a problem using an API.
I managed to connect the PUT route on API Connector. It works during the initialization phase,
but from the front I get a 405 error.
API settings :

API initialization result :

Front-end workflow configuration :
Capture d’écran 2022-10-06 à 12.35.04

Result in front :
Capture d’écran 2022-10-06 à 12.11.38

result in the logs :

For information if I set the workflow with a textual body and not dynamic it works from the front

Probably a wrong json encoding. You can use jsonlint to debug it and also send the request to requestbin and inspect the received payload.

Thank you for your answer.

When I copy the json in the logs and paste it in the body on the API connector it works…

It’s strange isn’t it?

Yes and no. Sometimes Bubble will encode json / data… I don’t know what you are doing exactly in the first step(plugin maybe?). You may try to create the json directly in the body parameter.

In step 1 I create the json and save it :

Parent group data comes from a GET on the API
I have already tried putting step 1 directly in the body but I get the same error

In the database I get this :

Try to post to a requestbin and inspect difference between this settings VS hardcoded (that works). You will probably find what happen