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API Connector 405 error

Hi everyone,
I am doing a post to a google spreadsheet from our api connector.
It seems to work fine, when I initialize the call its make the change and when I execute it from a button in my page it works too but I always receive the 405 error method no allowed.
any idea why its showing this error ?
I tried to use the method-allow header but its the same.

You should give more information about the call you are doing and the setting in API Connector. Normally, method not allowed mean that you didn’t select the correct method (POST,GET, PUT…)
What I suspect is that you probably set the API Connector to POST, initialize with test data and didn’t remove the test data value. Then on the button, you are sending a request that may not be set correctly and Bubble is sending the API Connector value remaining. At this moment, Google probably expect a different method because the record already exist. But it hard to know whitout more informations

this is my call, when i touch the initilize button it return an 405 error but the call is made and the changes in the google sheet are made too, I set the call from a button in the front and works too but the error is shown

Do you have a link to API Documentation?

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