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ERROR: a custom event that triggers itself (directly or indirectly)

Hi, im using a looping workflow (With conditional “terminate workflow” actions), as a way for bubble to loop-check a list of conditions to see if a users submitted application meets a list of pre-defined scenarios.

I see that it works fine, but i get an Error on the debugger: "This custom event is triggering a custom event that triggers itself (directly or indirectly)"

Any problem with that?

Are you sure the workflows are running?

I was always under the impression that Bubble didn’t allow loops within browser workflows hence the error message, and having tried it myself just now, for me the workflows didn’t run, and I got the error message you described.

However, I did just notice that if I use ‘Schedule Custom Event’ instead of Trigger Custom Event (even with a very short time, like 0.01 seconds) it works fine and there’s no error message, so that seems to be a valid way of creating loops client side with no issues (which is interesting - I’m not sure if that’s always been the case, or if it is a new feature).


I create 2 custom workflows, A sends to B, and B sends to A, (with same actions) etc. till it terminates based on a condition that all scenarios was accounted for.

And it seems to be working fine and fast.

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