Custom events suddenly not available to use on Workflow

I had built an availability calendar on my app using a string of custom events triggered by user’s selection of a date/time and frequency. Where one custom event would call another back and forth in a loop until a date stored as a state was reached. It was working fine.

Then today I logged in and saw a bunch of issues - looked closely and saw that every workflow event that called one of those triggers was no longer able to select any of my created custom events. None of my events are using API Workflow, just the regular on-page workflow.

Is this a temporary issue on Bubble, or was there a new release that made my workflow obsolete?

Can you file a bug report?

Also suffering from this exact issue. Will file a bug report.

This should be fixed now.

Fixed, but seeing a new error now

@emmanuel Are we no longer able to to have custom events trigger themselves in a loop until a certain condition is met?

We added this as some users were running into infinite loops. In general it’s a bit of a dangerous design. Is that causing some issues?

If you can avoid such a design it’s much cleaner.

I agree it’s not the cleanest design, but from the forums it was the best way to allow users to create an “availability” calendar using only Bubble functionality. Otherwise I would have to build my own API/plugin from scratch.

I’m seeing the same issues as @projectvisionhealth now - I followed @DaveA’s calendar build (as I’m sure many others have too) and it was working great, not sure of another way to design the availability calendar at this stage. Certainly not the cleanest but it was working.

Are you guys still working on this or do I need to re-build?

A potential workaround is to turn this scheduling loop into an API workflow. I’m going to play around with it this weekend and post my results here + @DaveA’s original calendar post

Another potential workaround, if the list is small, is to have a sequence of calls to a custom event, and each one has a condition:

call the event, when count > 1
call the event, when count > 2
call the event, when count > 3
call the event, when count > 4
call the event, when count > 5


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