Error: an error occurred trying to evaluate this property

Yesterday this new warning (Warning: parts of property a property cannot be displayed as text, and will be omitted) started appearing.

Today, this error is suddenly happening in my app:

If I make the invisible element visible, the error turns into this:

Has this happened to anyone else before? What was the cause/solution?


We started seeing this yesterday as well.

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Same issue here. And it shouldn’t be an issue. Searching with a filter to a text field with a manual text entered and I see this issue for this specific filter.

Whoever’s to blame for that code and for putting it into production needs their GitHub privileges revoked.

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same here.

Another active thread about it…

Hi, the threads talk about different errors, maybe related.

Getting these error codes as well

Yeah, my whole app is down because of this right now.


My app is no longer presenting this error. Bubble support fixed it (at least the errors presented in my app).

You can see here more details of their response to my bug report here: Warning: parts of property a property cannot be displayed as text, and will be omitted - #14 by pachocastillosr


Live app is completely broken by this @eve

For me it’s only happen when the parameter have an empty dynamic expression box
If I use your screenshot from another post:
Try to delete all the empty “click” box. The error should go

However, for me nothing is broken, just not possible to use the inspect mode correctly

In my case it was an API return that simple could not be evaluated by Bubble.

For no apparent reason.

I rebuilt the API Connector … and it works.

@eve … stuff like this is so so frustrating. It says above that this has been fixed and it really hasn’t.

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@NigelG Slightly off topic, but I’m not sure Eve is still a point of contact on the forum at Bubble. Last post was September '21. I think “nickc” might be our new liason. Not sure though.

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Hello @nick.carroll :slight_smile:

Although I guess it shows how long it has been since I was THIS annoyed :slight_smile:

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The team is looking into it - sincere apologies for the trouble. Will chime back in with any updates.

Hi everyone - so a little more background on the recently introduced warnings that prompted this thread.

Original Behavior: If you put various non-text values somewhere that was supposed to have text, the value would show up as blank - with no warning or notice that something was amiss in run-mode - though, most of these were also issue checker issues already.

Engineers noticed this by seeing a lot of noise in our logs (about 100/min of these errors) and we decided to surface this to the Bubble developer so they could address the incorrect behavior, as these messages are indicative of a bug in an app.

First change: We added a warning that shows up in debug mode when this happens. I believe this change prompted the thread.

Second change: We made that warning stop happening for “null” values, which are mostly harmless (and in particular weren’t already being caught by the issue checker some of the time, so were more surprising to users when they first appeared).

These warnings should have a very very low chance of breaking an app so please do file a bug report and chime in here if you suspect these new warnings are breaking your app in runmode or if the warnings aren’t as helpful as we hoped they would be. Thanks!


Thanks for the update Nick!

Thanks for the update.

Will do. It is definately breaking something. Or … something broke and this is masking it.

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