Cannot read property 'length' of undefined


Has anyone seen this error message before? Do you know what is wrong?

“Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined”

The error is from javascript, saying it tried to access the property of something that isn’t there.

Check if the style is missing or corrupt for the element.

Did the error start appearing when you changed something, or did it work up to recently?

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Best is to file a bug report at

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I will file a report. I have been making changes in the workflow so I had assumed it was something I had done.

Now I am going to work out how to file a report :slight_smile:

This is fixed

hi am not sure it is fixed. Sorry it took me a while to test but I got the below:

I quickly looked at your app and can definitely see a bug. Could you send support a note so we can respond with next steps?

Is that what I did last time?

How do I submit a support note? sorry to be a bit of a diva but I am completely blocked until this is fixed.

We’ve responded to your bug report which you submitted at Let’s continue the conversation there as the issue is app-specific.

I raised another ticket because of the error displayed in the print screen. This was displayed once the bug was marked as complete.

Hi All,

This is resolved. The problem was with my workflow.

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