Error:- Circular reference evaluating the input's initial content


Did anyone get this error in the Bubble Debugger earlier?
I am adding some condition in an input, I am calling some dynamic integer value in this input and on the basis of the value I am changing the value of this input by the below conditions:-

  1. Input value < 0 ----> initial value = 100%
  2. Input value > 0 ----> initial value = 50%


In the debugger I can the first condition is getting Green, it means the condition is getting true, but unfortunately I don’t know how the value of the input is not getting changed. I am also getting an error of “Circular reference evaluating the input’s initial content” in the debuggers right corner.

Please help if anybody know about this error.


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Hi Aditya,

This is a valid error as you are indeed creating a circular reference – you are instructing the system to do something that can never complete, and never find an answer by sending it into an infinite loop of evaluating the input and setting the input content. In other words, user enters 5, system says that is greater than zero so sets input to 50%, which is less than zero so sets the 50% to 100%, etc. etc.

Better to setup a second input, or use the Toolbox expression element to set the second value, based on the user input value.

For example, hidden input B’s initial content is set based on input A’s value:


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Yes, you are right. Funny but just after 10 mins of posting this question, I found the solution of this problem. I solved it in the same way as you mentioned. I hide the main input and used its value in another input and made it visible. We need not to use the tool box for this.

Thanks for your time @mebeingken. The way you described this problem, this would be helpful to others in future.

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