Error installing Inspectlet Tracking Code in my Bubble App

Hello everyone, a few days ago I finished my MVP and I want to be able to track the users who enter the app and I found a website called Inspectlet.

This page has a service to track the process of use and navigation of users on a web page and does so by recording the user live.

They provide you with a tracking code, written in Javascript, which can be placed anywhere on the page but preferably in the tag

On the Index page of my Bubble App there is an option called Page HTML Header .

In my inexperience, I suppose it is in this place where this tracking code can be installed, but I have already tried it and it does not work, the application is not tracking and this Javascript does not appear in the html code of my Bubble Index page.

My questions are:

  1. Can this Javascript code be installed inside the App in Bubble? I would think so, but I am new and I don’t know if there are any restrictions.
  2. If I can install it, where or how should I put this tracking code in Javascript on the page to make it work correctly.

Attached screenshots in case they help

Thanks to each and every one of those who can help me solve this problem.

Hey Guys!


It should be very smart people around this forum to know how can i solve this problem.

Thanks for your help guys.