Error on Get data from page URL

Contrary to “Get data from page URL”, with “Go To Page + Send more parameters + key”, it seems possible to use Dynamic/option set

With “Get data from page URL”, it goes with error.
here are some screen shot :relieved:


is it me who doesn’t know how to use it (help) or is it a bug or a functional difference ?

I would like tu use option in order to be sure to use the correct text for each QS param
Thank four your help

Off the top of my head it would be something along the lines of…

Get data from page URL is
Do a search for option set
Select all options

I would add an attribute to my option set that is whatever you’re trying to get out of the URL. Because this would need to be in lowercase and without any breaks. Although if all of your options are single words you could link it to the option set’s display and then just ad :lowercase afterwards. I’m fairly certain it’s case sensitive so an all lowercase URL path/parameter wouldn’t get matched with an option that has the first letter capitalized.

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I would like to capture the current navigation value with the “Get Date from page URL” (dynamicaly rather than putting the text; it does work well with the text) ,
I already tried with “Do a search for option set”, I will add “:lowercase”


Another question about the same topic …

i have an option set with the list of URL key parameter I Use

I would like to use the Option set Display directly (one word, all in lowercase) in “Go to page” action
but in the Key field, there is no way for inserting dynamically an option set value.
how to do that ?

There is no way to dynamically set the key name plus the key itself. You need at least one fixed component otherwise you have nothing to look up if both are variables. You can however add multiple parameters if you need to pass multiple pieces of data?’

Josh @ Support Dept
Helping no-code founders get unstuck fast :rocket:save hours, & ship faster with an expert :man_technologist: on-demand


What I would like is to have it in the GO TO PAGE action, Key with fixed “u_nav” :
to have dynamicaly get* the display in option set O_KEY_URL
while the value = comes* from the display in option set O_NAV

as I get it dynamically in the GET DATA FROM PAGE URL, with type : parameter
and parameter name = u_nav*

*Do a search for option set

don’t know if I’m clear.
For now, it works with fixed values, so it is enough. but would it be possible to get this in future version ?