Error uploading data via JSON & running backend workflow (operation timed out)

Hi all,

TLDR: Getting an error when I’m uploading data via 1T-CSV uploader plugin, then running a variety of backend workflows / API on a list.

Error: {“statusCode”:400,“message”:“Operation timed out – app too busy”,“args”:{“bubble_code”:“1682896923123x170248371398638900”}}

Doesn’t seem to be related to capacity:

What causes the error:

  • Uploading a CSV with 209 lines of data via ‘1T - CSV Uploader’ from @eli
  • Generating JSON from the CSV (seems to be doing this correctly, since there is 209 line items worth of data in the JSON)
  • Passing the JSON to my backend workflows where
    — I’m creating new item for each row
    — Running multiple ‘Schedule API on a list’ for each row.
  • Get the error above when it’s processed 169/209 rows worth of data

My presumption is that it’s the ‘Schedule API on a list’ that’s not working, based on others negative feedback on the Forum about this feature. For reference, I’m scheduling >300 ‘APi on a list’ workflows but each list I’m sending is pretty short (2-10 items).

Could this be the cause? If so, is a recursive workflow the answer?

UPDATE: Just upgraded to professional plan and the error disappeared.

Unsure why this change would have impacted it since I wasn’t near the capacity limit.

Does the Pro plan give you something else over the Personal plan beyond Capacity that could have impacted this?

The mystery of Bubble capacity. A backend workflow will time out around 4.5 minutes so probably what happened here is the Pro plan processes your data more quickly and gets it done within the alloted amount of time before the error above is thrown.

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Arg, thought this was the case.

Frustrating when you can’t plan for this.

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