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Operation timed out – app too busy on csv creation


I’m trying to create a CSV that gets emailed to a user. It’s just a data dump but takes a long time to load. In the scheduled API call, it’s timing out. Any suggestions?



How large is the data set?

A couple thousand rows.

I do no think that would present a problem

Start small (entries and fields) and scale up until you find the problem

I didn’t think so either, but i’m getting the message “Operation timed out” when I run it as a backend workflow

Try using the action on a page instead on the backend and share your findings if possible :grinning:

The goal for my product is for it to run automatically in the background, so for it to run as an action on a page means i can’t do that right?

You should still be able to do it in the background on a page action. For example, you could have it trigger on a “Page is loaded” workflow action. If something like this still isn’t possible, feel free to share a few more details on your intended use case and I’d be happy to try and offer another solution.

I’ve seen this when the total data loaded was more than 5mb when using the CSV creator plugin. Are you using that or the native Bubble action?