Error using Cloudscrape/Dexi API

I’m receiving the following error: LocationService: Error requesting doapicallfromserver
Not sure if this is really a bug, but saw another question where the user receiving a similar error was told to log it as a bug.

I’m just trying to setup a simple API call to Dexi, using an execution of its demo project that is created for users upon registration. Simply trying to show execution results in a repeating group

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Have you found it? Can you describe how you use it, i’m still searching… I use Cloudscrape… but I don’t get how to call the API. Any help on this?

Were you able to figure out how to use the API from Dexi to pull in your execution results? I am having a hard time figuring it out. I want to store the results from scheduled execution each time in the database

Same problem here. I filled out all API IDs as requested. Its probably a bug.


Any update/progress on this. I found recently and It really helped me to scrape/extract data from webpages. Unfortunately, I’m in the same situation that I cannot bring back my results in Bubble…

Problem accessing /rest/runs/inputs. Reason:\n
Access key not available for account

How did you solved this?

Had the same issue. I could solve it by encode the Access Token correctly: md5(accountId + apiKey)

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