Dexi: How to pull data from Execution Results into my Containers?

I want to scrape data from multiple e-comerce stores with Dexi into my Bubble app.

  1. I’ve already added the API correctly from Dexi into Bubble (Access Key + Account ID)

  2. I’ve already built the robot with Dexi- if you know what Dexi is about you’ll know what I mean, otherwise:

  3. I have Repeating Groups and Text Cells. What should I fill them with in order to pull the data from a Run? Does the Data Tab play any role in this?

Thanks in advance Web Scrapers!

I don’t know Dexi, but if you’ve set up an API connection to it in Bubble then in the data source of your RG, you should use the ‘Get data from an external API’ option and the API you’ve set up should come up. Be sure to set the API connection for ‘Use as’ data (not action) if you want to use it in this way.

Yep, I’ve got that covered- the RG.

But what should I put into the Text container?

Thanks for your input!

Plus I keep getting this error when I test it:

Same problem here. Does anyone have an idea, whats going wrong here?

i even tried to set up a custom api for a dexi call. Runs fine in Postman, but Bubble throws an error:

There was an issue setting up your call.
API Connector error: this header name is not correct undefined

No idea whats going on here.

So it was a Bubble bug. They fixed it and now it works :smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: