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Cloudscrape/ documentation

Is there any documentation for the Cloudscrape (now plugin?

Looks like a very full-featured web scraper.

The implementation is quite simple for now, we have two calls:

  • get execution results
  • get execution

The best is actually to look at their documentation, it’s more comprehensive.

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thanks @emmanuel

still learning how to think about these APIs and their documentation. things are starting to make sense!

@thedistrict did you have any luck integrating Dexi with Bubble? I’m struggling a little, but am sure its an issue with the API key/ID that I’m using. Any idea on how to obtain the correct key/ID pair? Is there anything else I need to do on Dexi’s side to get it to work? (I’m just trying to test Dexi’s API with their demo project)

@dan2gold no, sorry, i found another API that was more applicable to my project and went a different direction before i really had a chance to use Dexi.

For who’s looking for the simple two calls :


@emmanuel , just a little something, the plugin CloudScrape is now named