Error with Ipify

Users cannot create a new account on my site as the Ipify plugin keeps showing this error: Unable to connect to Ipify: Error connecting to Ipify (0). Is there a way to resolve this issue?

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I am having the same issue (first time reported today, though I am not sure it wasn’t happening to users in the past).

For me, I use ipify to track the sign up flow so I know where people are dropping off. If it were possible to ignore ipify when it returns an error that would be good enough.

Have you found anyway to resolve this issue?

Adblocker blocks it. One solution is detecting the adblocker and asking the user to disable it.


Cheers for the reply. I told users to disable their adblocker and it worked. how would I be able to make my application detect an adblocker so I can create an automated message?

Yeah, actually there’s this plugin, not made by me but I use in my app, that detects it and tells you so you can react on it:


Thanks @vini_brito

This was also the error for me. I ended up just adding a disclaimer saying, please turn off your adblocker (if adblock checker returned yes).

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