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Error with Spotify API

I’m building this little plugin : Spotify Complete

But I still have problem with a call, the one to add item to playlist.
I have this, on my side

NOTE : playlist ID and Uri were correctly filled, but I take the screenshot after it

and this on the spotify side :

Any ideas for my ? :frowning:
Thanks guys !

My Bubble angels @J805 @ambroisedlg @JeffWalker can maybe help me here :sweat_smile:

@vnihoul77 happy to help!

  • Are your headers (Authorization and Content-Type) configured correctly?
  • The values for playlist_id, position and uris should not be empty

Hope that helps

Hello @vnihoul77 ,

Thanks for this good plugin!
But i got this problem… exactly the same… Do you know how can I fix it ?

Thanks for your help!