Spotify connect trouble

Hey! I was wondering is anyone familiar with the Spotify connect app. I can’t seem to get pass the setting up search part I created a Spotify developers page to get my authentic keys but it’s didn’t say authentic keys it said client id client secret so I’m not sure if that’s right
But if you could give me a few pointer that would be great ! Thank u

@briinicolemusic Not 100% sure this is what you need but you should set up keys like this :upside_down_face:

Okay thank you ! I was wondering if I set it up right! That’s actually what I did… how did you set up your search and did you use a repeating group to display the info from Spotify?

There is a few screenshots that might help you to set up a search:

thank you so much!!! i am about to try it !

hey! Do you know if theres any steps before this other the api part im not sure why its not working ive put in everything as you have shown?

Send me a link of your app I will take a look

So this is your current configuration :

The searchbox work this way : it search for elements in a list and allow you to select an element. When selected, this element will be the searchbox’value.

If we translate your current configuration, we have this:

  • Searchbox’value list of options (values to select) is searchbox’value (so it’s empty because any option is selected)

So you may use an input field instead of the searchbox, and then set the repeating group API source parameter Q as this field value, which is a text value and not an element value

Hope my English explanations are clear :upside_down_face:
Let me know

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