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Error with Stripe Payments

Hi All,

We are having some issues with our connected Stripe account. We have a marketplace where users can purchase a service and then money will go to our connected account, then 90% to the seller and then 10% to our main Stripe account.

On the front end when trying to complete the payment we get an error stating “No such destination”. In the back end on the API Connector for Stripe we get the following issues:

  • on the call "Request transfer we get an error stating “balance-insufficient”: There was an issue setting up your call. Raw response for the API Status code 400 { “error”: { “code”: “balance_insufficient”, “doc_url”: "", “message”: “Insufficient funds in Stripe account. In test mode, you can add funds to your available balance (bypassing your pending balance) by creating a charge with 4000 0000 0000 0077 as the card number. You can use the /v1/balance endpoint to view your Stripe balance (for more details, see”, “request_log_url”:
  • “Retrieve a customer”: There was an issue setting up your call. Raw response for the API Status code 404 { “error”: { “code”: “resource_missing”, “doc_url”: "", “message”: “No such customer: ‘cus_I3w8sXqyfbNBam’”, “param”: “id”, “request_log_url”:

Does anyone have any guidance on how to move forward? Many thanks,

The errors are self-explanatory:

  • the associated account does not have enough available balance to complete the transfer. It takes some time for the charged amount to become available. You can read more here: Understanding Connect account balances | Stripe Documentation
  • the customer is not associated with the account that is making the request, therefore the requested customer resource is missing. This may happen because the customer was generated with the platform account and is the retrieved with the connected account or the opposite (customer generated with connected account but retrieved with platform account)