Stripe transfer error insufficient funds

Hey bubblers.

I’m having an issue while transferring the amount to the seller.
the workflow i have setup are as follows.

  • charge the user
  • transfer the amount after deducting the app fee to the seller.(using stripe.js2 plugin)

the issue is that for example I charge the user $10 and after deducting 10% app fee it should transfer the 9 dollars to the seller but the situation is that at the stripe end, it also charges some % for processing and currency exchange if required so i don’t have $9 against that charge id. so it gives me error of insufficient funds.
what logic can be implemented here keeping in mind that stripe fee can change in the future.

Thanks in advance.

You should read the Stripe docs, they are great and cover all the usage patterns. In this case you may look into Stripe Connect where you can create payments on behalf of the seller and take a fee automatically. There are options to make you pay the stripe fee or make the seller pay for it.

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