Error: you hit balancer [SOLVED]

Same here

same here down to

Seems like all of bubble has been affected, including the editor and even the forum…

@bubble !!! :slight_smile:

Same… this is starting to get embarrassing trying to explain why it keeps going down to my users. My app is and ERP so it kills productivity on all levels.


Same :frowning:

Here we go again…

This is happening way too often!

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same…cloudfront permission isssue it seemed

Your browser was unable to load some necessary resources, contact your IT network administrator and ask them to allow access to
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“you hit balancer” me too, is this a thing?

Am I alone or it’s happening each month now? Maybe I wrong, but feels like it.

Just checked in my excuses for Users, there was issues on
Dec 15,
Feb 1,
Feb 15,
Jan 26,
March 22,
and today April 20

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Same :frowning:

Nothing on

Same here, and pages distorted :frowning:

Yes I am as well, but the Bubble Status page says it is fine.


same :rage:

Same issue. Status page isn’t reporting any issues (yet). Seems to be something going on with the main cluster.