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You hit balancer

My website is saying you hit balancer? what does it mean?


Yep getting the same,

All my bubble apps are down.

Same :frowning:

Yep I see it too.
Even show that.

Me too

Same here

Same here

Somebody know what’s happening?

Same here :frowning:

Unresolved incident: Issues with Main Bubble Cluster.

Hey everyone,

Visit the Bubble Status page to stay up to date: :slight_smile:

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Pray for a quick one… :pray:

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yeah i realized that… i was in middle of something… it is not the right time :sweat_smile:

Pretty cool how many people noticed this immediately - Lots of Entrepreneurs grinding on a Sunday :pray:


I had been working a work than i have to finish today :confused:

same thing… How long before its back on?

Server down. Same here

Hey guys! Thanks for the heads up. The team is on it. Feel free to follow along at


It happens! Here’s the latest from Bubble like @AndrewV said:

A misconfigured server disconnected bubble from our loadbalancer. We are correcting the change now.