Escrow payments possible on bubble?

Just wondering if any sort of escrow payment is possible?



No, Stripe doesn’t offer escrow payment. What you can do is 1/ authorize the payment 2/ charge it later on within 7 days

Take a look at Promise Pay, currently we are integrating their API into Bubble to use as a system of escrowing funds for a marketplace project.

Would love to see how you get on with this!

Their API is pretty straight forward. Although most of the interaction with their app is done via the API so there will be a lot of calls being used. Unlike something like Stripe, Promise Pay has a minimal website interface for visualizing or interacting with the app.

Have you ever done successfully with Promise Pay? I’m just wondering if you did. I want your advise. Thank you.

Check out the new Stripe Connect. They let you hold funds for up to 90 days now.

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That’s not for my case. It possibly takes longer than 90 days. So I want the escrow system to back up.

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Super keen to see how you get on with this. Could you update the community when anything happens?

I’m looking at using Promise Pay for my app in the future.

Given that marketplaces seem to be a popular use case for Bubble, something like this is a no-brainer (IMO)


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Is promise pay still available?

Any updates available?

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