Eureka! Log-in Log-out buttons

I just kind of had an epiphany that I’m sure is kinda obvious to anyone else, but in case it isn’t, I thought I’d share.

At first, I thought in order to have log-in and log out buttons be dynamic based on the user’s state that I had to have two different buttons.

Then it dawned on me.

Add a conditional that changes the text of the button based on the log in/log out state, then add a workflow for when the button is clicked if the user is logged in, or if the user is logged out. One button does both.

I kinda feel stupid for not realizing it to begin with, but man, this just shows how flexible bubble really is… You just have to learn how to think about things the right way.


I cannot get this working, can you expand a little on exactly how you did it

If current user is Logged in, then the button text must be logout, and if current user is logged out, then the button text must be log in.

You can then also use this check to determine which workflow should be run when the button is clicked.

Like that?