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Giving a button different actions dependent on user logged in and user logged out

Hi, I have a button in my app that navigates to a page when you click it. In order to get to this page you have to be signed in. It is located on the header, when you press the actions prompts you to sign in, I want to created another action for the same button for when the user is signed in the application when they click the button they go straight to the page without having the sign in pop up in my way, could anyone help me? Kindest Regard, Anthony!

Create a new workflow for the same element and Set a condition on the workflow under the field “when” the workflow will fire when the condition is met

In the Workflow tab, you can do a “When Button is Clicked” block. In the properties of that block, there is also a line for “and when…”

Here, you can say, “and when User is Logged In.” This sets the event to only trigger when the button is clicked AND WHEN the user is logged in.

Thats perfect thanks for your help!! Got it working!!