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How do I set the Logout button to log the user out?

So I have a sign in/log out button that has been created. For now, when the user is Signed in, there is a conditional text that says LOG OUT. However, the workflow is the same as the Sign In. How do I setup a workflow that lets the user Log Out once they are already signed in?

I am having difficulty finding this as the text is only changed via a conditional?

The conditionals change how it looks for the user which is great.

Now you need two different workflows

When button is clicked sign them up.
Only when user is logged out.

When button is clicked log them out.
Only when user is logged in

Ezpz :grinning:

Thank you, but do you mean that both workflows are under the same button?

So “when button is clicked,” both of those things happen?

Or is this separate workflows?

Two workflows.
They have a conditional for each workflow.

One only runs when the user is logged in, the other runs when the user is logged out.

Make sense? :grinning:

Thank you I have it working!