How to create a "Grader" or Quiz App using Bubble that look/work like this


I’m new to Bubble and have little programming experience (beginner level), but I want to create an app that provides a “Grade” or score to someone based on their answers.

Here are some examples:

Any ideas? Thank you!

Hi Alex,

This is very do-able in Bubble. Below is a basic structure to get you started, but you’ll need to modify to your needs:

You’ll need a data type to save a score value that is unique to the quiz and quiz taker. Depending on how complex your scoring system is, an “Answer” data type could hold a score value per answer and/or an overall “Submission” type could hold the summed up score. So, you’ll need data types like the following:

  • Quiz
    – Name (text)
    – List of Questions (Question, list)

  • Question
    – Text (text)
    – Quiz (Quiz)

  • Submission
    – Respondent (User)
    – Score (number)
    – Quiz (Quiz)
    – List of Answers (Answer, list)

  • Answer
    – Value (this field type just depends on what kind of answer … text, number, yes/no, etc.)
    – Submission (Submission)
    – Score (number)

So, each Answer would save its individual score, and the Submission would be the final score. Or, if you don’t need to keep track of individual answers, you could do away with that type and just have the Submission and update the Score there every time an answer is given.

This also depends on how you’re designing the quiz, but I’d recommend using a repeating group to display the Quiz’s list of questions so that for each question a unique Answer can be generated and/or you can be tabulating the Submission’s final score after each Answer gets an entry (number, text, yes/no, etc).

There are quite a few ways to do this and the system can really be as simple or complex as you need, but hopefully this gets you moving in a forward direction. Start small. Don’t overthink it. Create your data types simply first, get the questions to display, then play around with workflows to save/generate data as you need. Hope this helps!

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HI @romanmg , I came across your great response and have a follow-up question…if you dont mind . I have a similar app, which is set up almost identically to how you suggest, but I am really struggling on how to display and edit the answers for specific questions for specific users (submissions). I have a repeating group for Questions (which works fine), but I cant really get the Answers to show up since I struggle if this should be a repeating group (with input) inside of the Questions repeating group or something else. I am really struggling with connecting the submission, Question and Answer together. Any suggestions?