(Example attached) How to create a floating, vertically draggable group for mobile?

So you know how when you’re on Instagram watching reels, and you click on the comment icon and it then displays a floating group that shows you all the comments on the video?

I want to create this kind of group.

You can press and hold the group from the top, and then drag it to the bottom of the page, and the comments will hide themselves.

I’ve looked hard for tutorials on how to do this but YouTube didn’t work and I’m not sure if I’m wording the query correctly on the forums.

This group. Right above the text, “comments” is the area that allows you to drag the group.

"You will need the plugin ‘Swiper’. Here’s the link to the plugin: ‘Swiper Effects Plugin | Bubble’.

I have used this plugin, but you also have the option to write your own JavaScript code and trigger the swipe functionality of the div element by specifying its ID attribute. Ask ChatGPT for guidance on implementing this with JavaScript."