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Examples of mobile (native) apps

Hey friends!

Let’s use this thread to share examples of your latest and greatest mobile (native) apps build with Bubble.
Or at least web sites that are built with Mobile First approach, so targeted mostly for mobile users.


Great. A great example is the uber-demo ( Building Uber on Bubble? ) (not in app store, but quite good performance on mobile if you ask me.

If you dig through the forum`s search looking for references to and itunes you will find links that people have posted previously.

Myself I`m also looking into how to build some high performance apps on bubble. Possibly using react-native or Ionic2. Maybe we could create some boilerplates that uses the bubble API and renders data from there.

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Simple Grocery List App - Available for free on iOS


ESCAPE - places and events for you and your family (Phoenix, AZ only for now).

Not native but taking a mobile first approach.

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