Native app available on both app stores

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share a simple grocery list app I created with bubble (available on both app stores). While it’s nothing crazy, it is still pretty exciting for me having no previous experience in coding, programming, etc to be able to have something I built on the app stores. You can store your grocery list in one place, check items off with one click, and sync other user’s lists with your own (for families or roommates).

I’d like to reference @natedogg and his online courses through By following his lessons over the past couple of weeks I’ve learned how to build some pretty functional and complex applications AND how to successfully upload them to both app stores. Very simple and straightforward lessons. Thanks Nate!

iOS link:

Android link (use code “bubble” to get it free):

Here’s the website (also built with bubble) -

Feel free to leave a review :wink: and let me know if you notice any problems that I may have missed.


Did you use gonative or any other framework ?

@gaurav Used Phonegap.

So… PhoneGap can convert a Bubble app into native code?
Or… are these apps just running as a shell referencing the web app?

Either way… Very Impressive!

Any links to documentation on this Bubble capability would be appreciated…

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Phonegap is a wrapper around a web page. Under the hood, its still a web app, just with some native-ish super powers.

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@Townsend Just running as a shell referencing the web app.

I referenced to help with walking me through the steps of taking my .zip file and creating the .ipa and .apk files needed for publishing to the app stores.

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Nice job! :smile:


does running it as a shell referencing the web app runs smoothly or it feels buggy? I’m not testing it because I’m on a windows phone haha

Hey @Vinicius,

It runs smoothly for iOS. I have noticed when testing on android that users do have to scroll to view the whole page if they are on a smaller screen size. With that said it does still does what it’s supposed to.

Very nice app! Congrats!

One question: Did you use bubble for the iPhone Mockup on your website? Especially the function to swipe and change the screen would interest me.

If you did it with bubble, can you maybe explain how you did it?

thank you and good luck with your app

Thanks @pat

I didn’t use bubble for the iPhone mockups (used, an awesome free and simple design tool). Just find an iPhone template with no background online, download and upload, then upload the screen shot of your app on top of the iPhone template.

As for the slide show, I did use bubble.

You just need to go to the plugins, search “slick slideshow” and install. You’ll see it under visual elements and the rest is pretty self explanatory.


If you’re interested in checking out the app (iOS or Android) just shoot me a message and I’ll get you a coupon code to download for free. I just ask that if you like it, please take a second to leave a short review on the App Store.

Thank you!


I am having a similar issue with my app on an Android device, the width fits perfectly, but the user has to scroll up/down to view the entire page…Did you manage to fix this for Android?

@Rogelio I did not find a solution for this. May just have to wait for bubble to come out of beta for mobile

@gpdmop @Rogelio can you guys do a screen recording / screenshot to demonstrate the issues? Lets see what we can do.

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hey @gurun

Here is a Link to a video I recorded to explain the issue.

I am using an LG G4 running Android v6.0

  • at 0.7 secs - I hit the web app native page url and the resolution does not scale to the phone screen at all.
  • I then proceed to “Add to Home Screen” - using the method as described in the Google Developer link
  • at .33 secs - I launch the app from the home screen and the scale again is completely wrong,
  • I proceed to pinch (zoom) all the way out to fit within the width of my device but the height continues to be a problem

@Rogelio Can you give access to the preview link? I suspect its your inner content not getting shrinked/scaled down. Did you try to inspect it in chrome?


How do you shrink/scale down/up based on the device size?

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Any update on this? I am having the exact same issue on my Nexus 5 with my android app.

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no fix yet for android - have focused on getting ios working first.