Exclude empty rows in repeating group


How do I exclude empty rows in a repeating group?

I have two tables ‘Issues’ and ‘Troubleshooting Steps’. The repeating group should only show the steps related to the corresponding issue. At the moment there are rows that appear empty but because the underlying data ‘Step content’ is not empty I am not having any luck excluding these using constraints or conditionals.

Any advice appreciated.

Hi @mlovell:

Use the constraint of which the field is empty and add the a constraint
XYZrow isn’t empty

@hafizaliimrankhan I’ve tried adding the constraint ‘Step content isn’t empty’ however it doesn’t resolve the empty rows.

I’ve also tried changing the evaluator within the element ‘ts_repeating group’ using :filtered and advance filters.

What am I missing?

Hello @mlovell

Build each constraint at a time. Create a test page and add the rg with each constraint at a time until you figure things out.

Thanks for the reply @cmarchan but I’ve tried the trial and error approach and that’s why I’m still confused. There seems to be a few other threads in the past that had similar challenges but were unresolved.

I finally resolved this after overthinking it for days.

The solution was to set the constraint on the Repeating Group element rather than my previous method of setting constraints on the text element inside the repeating group. (Rookie error).

No more empty rows!

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