Erase null value in a repeating group

Hello all,

I currently have the following issue : I have a repeating group that shows a maximum of 5 non-null items. I succeed to make the null items non visible, but the repeating group still shows the “box” for each item.

For example, below you will find a screenshot with only 1 non-null item. Others items are non visible, but I would to make them totally erased so that only the first box is showed.

Does someone have any idea how to do that ?

Note : “collapse if hidden” is ticked

Thank a lot !


Hi @Billy44 !

Does your RG have fixed rows?
How are you doing the searches?

Hi @rpetribu ! Thanks for your message

No, RG doesn’t have fixed rows. You can see below how searches are done.

What do you mean by ‘non-null items’?.. (an RG will only have cells for the items in it, not for empty or non-existent items)

I’m guessing you have some field in your database that you’re referring to?

In which case you just need to apply the correct constraints on your search…

If you mean that you have items in the database which have certain values which are empty, then you’ll need to add that as a constraint…

If you mean something else then you’ll need to clarify…

But it looks to me like you’re loading ‘things’ into you repeating group that you don’t really want to be loading, then just hiding the info inside the cell (using conditionals)…

Hi @adamhholmes,

You are right, I tried to add constrainst (as you can see below) on the cell level.

However, it doesn’t work. I suppose the constraint has to be put in place on the RG level, but I’m not sure how to do that.

Yeah, all you’re doing there is hiding the text in the cell… but the cell will still be there as you’re loading data into it…

Assuming that you only want to show GeographicalRepartitions who’s percentage is not empty (and as your RG datasource is another element’s list of things), just add a filter on the RG datasource with a constraint for Percentage isn't empty

Thank very much @adamhholmes ! Didn’t thought it this way :slight_smile:

Have a great day !

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