Execute an action on the last day of every month


I need an action to be automatically executed on the last day and last minute of every month.

How can I do this?

Schedule a backend workflow to run on the last day and last minute of each month, to run the desired action…

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How can I add the “run on the last minute of every month” part to a backend workflow?

Just minus one minute from the next month.

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How do you add the “next month” part?

If I use current date + 1 month and current date is on the 15th day of the current month, then that addition would result on the 15th day of next month, so minus one minute from the 15th day of next month will not be the last minute of the current month.

If you could show me screenshots of what you have in mind it would be of great help, I think it is not as easy as it seems, or maybe I am just not seeing it correctly

Hi there, @pachocastillosr… if I understand your post correctly (and following Adam’s great suggestion), this expression should do the trick.




Hi @mikeloc , that equation does the trick, thanks!

My objective is to Schedule an API workflow on a list at the end of each month.

Do you think there is a simpler way to do it or would you do it like this?

I would do it like that.

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Good! Thank you both @mikeloc @adamhholmes ! :+1:


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