Backend Workflow the runs every Monday - but starts on a Wednesday

Hey everyone.

I am working on an app that needs to reset certain data on each Monday of the week. The issue im having is with the specific expression to set this up to work on Monday (I understand everything else)

Right now ( the current date ) it is Wednesday. I can schedule the backend workflow to run on Current Date + days: 5 rounded down to day to get it to run next monday, but that won’t get it to run every monday.

What expression should I use to have it run every monday even though it starts on a Wednesday?

Maybe there is a way to just say “on Day 1 of every week” to run it? But I can’t figure out how to get that to work

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, @eskinder… if I understand your post correctly, here is one way to do what you described. The first time you schedule the backend workflow, schedule it to run at the Current date/time:rounded down to week +(days): 8. That expression will result in the next Monday regardless of the day of the current week when it is scheduled. Then, in the backend workflow, have the last step schedule the workflow to run again at the Current date/time:rounded down to date +(days): 7. That expression will always result in the following Monday.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Mike, this worked. Appreciate it!

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