Run work flow on specific date

Hello , i need your help please :
I want to run a work flow on specific date every month like this :

1- Reset data field for a user on the specific date : on the first day of every month
2- Make a payment for seller on specific date also : on the 15th of each month
Thanks in advance

The way we handle workflows like this is by setting up an API backend workflow that self-schedules itself for the next time.

So, for example - if aworkflow that sends a report runs, then the very last action in that workflow would be “Schedule an API Workflow” and then it schedules itself for current date/time+1day (or whatever makes sense)

For other ones that are heavier in terms of resource usage, we run them in a similar manner but methodically go through all relevant items in the DB 1 by 1 in the middle of the night to cut down on lag for our users.

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