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Execute this workflow before anything else. Access control

Hi @emmanuel,

I know this has been requested in all sort of forms.

Can you consider the option to set some type of workflow type on page that if evaluated to false doesn’t load anything on screen?

It’s easy to spot the problem in the design when running the debug mode. As a test I’ve set up a workflow in 404 page that if current user is not logged in it will redirect to index. It’s the only workflow on this page and the page is quite simple. Just the 404 standard text.

When the breakpoint triggers it displays the content of the page before evaluating the condition of the workflow.

This means that network issues are an issue with regards to security. If the connection between server and my laptop broke before evaluating the workflow anyone can see the contents. When I have a slow connection to internet I can see briefly for a few seconds the contents before the redirect kicks in.

Implementing something like this would be a life and time saver for all of us as we wouldn’t have to implement workarounds to manage correctly security/access.

Hopefully now that the team is bigger you can look into this.



This would be useful for us to. We build a page-permissions system that prohibits users from seeing certain pages based on their role, logged-in status, permissions for certain things, etc.

However, it seems to me that nearly all of our content may be accessible to spiders, to hackers wanting to toy with our system, etc. I understand the way to prevent this is to put all of the content in groups and only show the group when certain conditions are met (which we’ve done on particularly sensitive pages) but adding that everywhere creates a lot of complexity, slows down page loads, etc.

Would be nice if this could simply be done at the page level.

I agree this would be a huge time saver.
Instead of having to do mega-groups and complex rules on all pages like described here : Best Practices for Managing Access to Pages Requiring a Login - #8 by marco1

Not wanting to display some pages to “not logged in users” is a a very basic need, I guess all Bubble users have it in some way… it would save a lot of time to all.

What if the principal groups start not visible on pageload…and set the condition to be visible when a current user is logged in?