Exluding Inactive Entries from Sitemap


I have a database where users can add their music ensemble but it is then reviewed by moderators before it goes live on the site.

We have noticed that the sitemap file picks up all users under this category even though they are not displayed on the list view page or exposed on the site.

Of course we can correct this in terms of what someone would see clicking on the slug from google, but ideally it would be better to not have google pickup these unaproved pages, which it appears to be doing.

Is there anyway that the Bubble sitemap can be told to only list those entries in the DB based on a certain field, or is the only way to handle this to manually update the sitemap.xml file for that category.

I see some stuff about the privacy settings, but I dont know how that helps when it is only certain entries (the unapproved ones) excluding from that file.

Thanks in advance.


Set your privacy rules so that everything is checked when Current user is This Ensemble's User/Creator (or 'is in this Ensemble’s members, I don’t know how your datatype is set up) OR This Ensemble’s approved is yes

Then, it will only be visible when approved or when it’s the Current user’s ensemble.

Just as an extra, if you have no privacy rules, you really need to do these.

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