Experienced web developer needed

Are you passionate about tech with a true sustainability Impact? Are you driven by your passion to build impactful and intuitive products in an early stage startup?

TripDoodler is a Green Tech startup with a clear impact agenda and we are looking for a freelance bubble.io developer who wants to help us build a new world of sustainable travel in a – by travelers for travelers – community globally.

You will be a part of our product team and work closely together with our lead developer, product owner, UX/UI designer and our fantastic interns.

Together we transform our current beta into a solid traction and revenue generating MVP and from here build towards a strong product market fit in 2023.

Your tasks & responsibilities

On a day to day basis, your role will primarily be to maintain, expand, and iterate on our app built on Bubble.io. Based on directions from our lead developer this will involve dealing with everything from polishing interfaces, to defining efficient workflows, maintaining the database, integrating with third party solutions, and more.


As our application is built mainly on Bubble.io, we are looking for someone who is proficient with the platform.

  • Have a strong sense of good design and a solid understanding of UX/UI principles
  • Understand API’s (use of Google API’s are integral to the role) and Bubble’s backend workflows
  • Understand the database and data structures
  • has optimize and performance knowledge
  • Is knowledgeable of Geo locations and maps
  • any frontend or backend experience beside bubble is an advantage

Your DNA

  • You work hard, keep your deadlines, find solutions and take pride in building clean and solid software
  • You think out of the box, are adaptable and react pragmatically to rapid change
  • You pay attention to details and strive for perfection
  • You have an “everything is possible” attitude
  • You are comfortable in a task oriented team headed by our lead developer

Our Product
On TripDoodler, conscious travelers can find and share verified sustainable travel options through our searchable database of user ratings, powered by a proprietary algorithm.
By providing a clear framework, we enable travelers to rate sustainability without having to be an expert, making it easy for them to leave their best footprint.

About us

We are a small, very informal, highly passionate, ambitious, and super fun to be around team, who believe that everyday should have at least one good laugh. . .

We are all experienced travelers & professionals who believe that the future of travel is sustainable and share a clear vision of how to revolutionize the travel industry.

What do you gain?

  • Unique opportunity to build a game-changing product that will provide the needed change towards more sustainable travel & tourism
  • A very informal and collaborative environment with colleagues who all love working on creating simple solutions for complex problems.

This is a freelancer role. You can work remotely or from our co-working space in Copenhagen.

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This is really an interesting opportunity, i want to know how van i be a part of it.

Hello, guys!

I’m Pedro from Brasil and I’m UX/UI designer. This offers is perfect for me, because I looking for projects ambitious and fun for to collaborate. I’m available to growner and to collaborate on with you.

I’m 25-years-old and my dream is to travel around the world. So this job will be a pleasure!

But I started study English in 2021 and my english is under development. I can communicate me, but I don’t speak 100% right.

My advantages:

  • I have partner view: I care about your business and I will to job for your sucess. I don’t make only the necessary but I make all for have results.
  • I have multidisciplinary knowledge: I studied digital marketing, design thinking, costumer sucess, user interface and experience.

This is a project I maked for my portfolio, you can see:

These are a projects I work in this moment:


Matt from Rapid Dev here. I have extensive experience developing with Bubble, and I am very interested in talking to you about this opportunity.

A little background on me: while I focus primarily on developing low-code applications with Bubble, I am proficient in several programming languages and am well-versed in UX/UI design. I have experience developing a wide-variety of applications across a multitude of industries, from scratch as well as working with existing applications. My prior projects have included a myriad of complex features, including APIs, enterprise-level database integrations, syncs with CRMs, custom code to Bubble apps, rich UI/UX, etc.

If you are still looking for an experienced Bubble developer, I would love to chat. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi Simon!

I’m an expert bubble developer. I have built several apps since 2020. I have worked at a bubble agency. Then I have worked in 3 startups building the platform with more developers and a PM.

I’m really interested to work in a Green Tech startup company as a part of a team.

This is my linkedin profile: https://linkedin.com/in/nardocusimayta
This is my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@nocodespace3460

Also, I have built the most awesome clone of Twitter. Check it out and let me know what you think about it Bubble | No-code apps.

Best regards.

We have fulfilled the position, thank you to everyone that applied for this role