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Can't change data type name

Hey friends,

I need to view data by various stable date ranges (school year, calendar year, fiscal year, etc.), and have created a data type for each of these over the years as I’ve needed to access each subset of data. Now that I’m adding a fourth one of these data types, I’d like to rename these so that they all appear next to each other in the list of data types (“Year - Calendar”, “Year - School” and so on), but I can’t seem to get bubble to save the new data type name after entering it.

Typing the new name is fine, but the name reverts when I click on another data type or press tab. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? I’m definitely in development mode, btw.

Thanks for your expertise!

OK, well, half a day later and on a different computer/browser, this appears to be a non-issue. I’ll submit a bug report.

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