Expert Bubble developer needed 1-4 hrs/wk for 1-6 months

About me:
I am an engineer/coder but new to Bubble. I have been developing an app with bubble for 5 months. So starting to get familiar with bubble, but still get stuck on some basic things for hours sometimes (eg. what’s var - App Settings in Canvas? why is the header sometimes responsive and sometimes not? what’s the best way to setup branches for version control?).
I am under a time crunch to deliver now, and need to speed things up.

About the app:
The app is a survey platform for customer research. Our clients let us know what type of research they want to do, our platform automatically generates a survey for them. Plus handles data collection, and analysis. The app uses the Canvas template.

About you:
You are hopefully experienced enough to be able to very quickly answer questions like the ones I mentioned above. I need 1-4 hours of your time a week over zoom/slack to help me work through whatever new challenge that has popped up. Mainly want some with experience with functionality, don’t care about UI/design expertise. Experience with the Canvas template.
Depending on how things go with our clients, I expect this to be a 6+ month long relationship, but happy even if a super experienced dev helps me out for just 1 month.

My budget is flexible. Let me know what you would charge per hour, I will decide based on experience.


I’ll be glad to help. I’ve worked on canvas a few times, it’s supposed to help make development faster but I’ve always preferred to build from scratch :smile:


Because canvas is a one size fits all template that in my opinion should be avoided. I’ve seen so many client apps using canvas that have a ton of bloat, preloading of data using popups which is standard to their template (or used to be, I haven’t touched it in a long time) that ultimately destroys performance, and just overall bad practice in exchange for quicker build times for their team.

Ex) one client had them exclusively building their app using their framework and the client hired me for an audit because it was obnoxiously slow (30+ second load times on main screen) come to find out Airdev was using a popup on home page that loaded pretty much every piece of data from the database in the popup so it could be referred to after load (“vars”).

I’m sure that’s not every canvas users experience, at least I’d hope not, but it’s rare I hear anyone actually say much of anything good about their canvas framework.

No hate toward them as a company, most agencies are here for profit, they just sacrifice clients app build practices for their own gain and still tend to charge pretty similar to custom builds. They do make some good plugins and have a pretty good client relations/account manager teams that sticks to deadlines they set from everything I’ve heard from clients.


Hey @sara1 :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble community! :tada:

We offer coaching for this exact purpose. We would be happy to help out. Check us out on the official Bubble Coaching page or directly on our site so you can see our availability before you pay.

We have been using Bubble since 2016 and have worked with a variety of clients over the years.

Hope that helps. :blush:


Yeah, for one specific example here, Canvas runs database searches to load menu items, which is wild. That means that the menu/tab, appears slightly later than the rest of the page which is tacky and slow. Not to mention the WU impact of all the searches.

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Hi Sara,
I work as a freelancer for fixed projects, but also as an hourly consultant. You can hire me directly on this website: Cristian Cisa | I'll help you build your MVP with Bubble.
If the number of hours will be constant for a few weeks, we can arrange a package of hours at a reduced price.
However, I must warn you, the first recommendation I will make is not to use the Canvas template and to build everything from scratch…
In fact, I’m building a survey platform for another client right now, and everything built from scratch (it’s the only way I work).


AirDev wins on the plug-in front for making them all free and not trying to acquire and monopolise every plug-in that exists :slight_smile: I agree it’s a good company and I’m sure they build products to specification on time, but they absolutely sacrifice performance or uniqueness to stick to their framework wherever possible.


Hi Sara, I have sent you a private message detailing my credentials and experience. I look forward to hearing back from you.