Export to .csv with a Repeating Group in a Repeating Group

I have a Repeating group that has rows of data.

In each row is another Repeating Group that shows multiple columns per row.

(This use case is applications(RG #1) with responses(RG #2).)

How can I export this to .csv?

I’ve looked at several plugins but I haven’t found one that can handle this structure.

Any ideas?

Add an extra step to display the inner RG outside of the parent RG and run export to that.

Thanks for you reponse @Eugene_West.

I don’t quite understand what you mean. Would you please give more info?

@NigelG You’re suggesting that I pre-process the data into a table.

Once in the table, what command do I use to generate the .csv?

Ahh…I see the “Download file” command.

Is it possible to generate a file on the backend and then email it?

@nsykes That URL doesn’t seem to work

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