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How to export a repeating group to CSV/another Table

I’ve only been bubble-ing for a week or so but i gotta say its really great so far! So please forgive the basic layout in the screen shot below haha

what i need help with is exporting a list to a csv. From what i understand a way to do this would be to copy all the items from a list into a new table, export THAT to csv, and then delete the data in that table for the next export.

I cant quite work out how to move the data from the repeating group into that table, I can export everything into one table row, so for instance the under company, the one entry would show “RF Tech, LSF Crafts, RF Tech…” etc. but id want each entry in the repeating group to have its own row in the new table…

I may be missing something obvious, but thought i’d try out the forum, feel free to point me at an area of the documentation ive missed!

Thanks in Advance


EDIT: The repeating group pulls info from a couple of tables, and i wouldnt want some of this data exposed to the end user, so i only want to export exactly what is shown in the repeating group

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