Import and export of translations

Hello @Bubble,

Thanks for working on Import and export of translations. I noticed this it’s available in editor now. Can you please confirm if this is still in beta? I tried to use it, but seem like the export is not exporting the selected language. Same with import, what is the placeholder should be for columns?

On another note, during the export, there is a list available languages, i.e English (en_us), but I’m using English (English), which is not available in that list. The same is also valid for the other languages.

Below what I get during the export:

Please give us a small guidelines how to export and import, so this can be tested on our side.

UPDATES: Export works when individual languages selected, but not all. In the list English (English) is not available, so when English (en_us) is exported, then all User_texts is empty.


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Any updates from @Bubble team?


Hello @oleksiy,

Thanks for the ping! Would you mind submitting a bug report so that our team can take a look at this behavior?

Hello @eve,

Sure, I can do this if this will speed up the investigation.


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