Export, upload problem with brackets

I am exporting the data from developer site and trying to upload, without touching anything, to the live site and I get the next problem:

I understand what the problem is, but really think that it should be corrected, it is not normal that bubble doesn’t understand its own exported .csv.

so now to transfer data from dev to live I have to export, run a script ( I don’t know how to create scripts, run scripts or custom scripts or whatever) and then upload to the live…

I love bubble it is giving me tools to create really complex webs without coding. I am entrepreneur willing to learn something like this, but this seems like something that could be better and there is no other way around this. Maybe create a complete page in my app to interact and change live data…:scream:

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Is there a reason you aren’t using the “copy development database to live” functionality?

well, I don’t want to completely overwrite the live data base, I want to add some data for the live version.

Or imagine a discover an error in the live data, how do I correct this? the only way is to create a page, and make it an interface of the database. I will do it if I have to, but I keep thinking that there has to be another way.

Thanks for the lightning fast reply

Got it, that use case makes sense. I am of no help there :slight_smile:

I end up building an admin panel in every one of my apps. It ends up saving me tons of time and headaches, no doubt.

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Knowing that an admin panel is normal/good practice in the live version is helpful, thank you.

Have had this issue before.

You can switch to “pipe” as your delimiter, and see if that works.

Not working, I tried all delimiters.

Thanks for trying to help

In similar cases, I look from record to record, the usual suspects are one or a couple of records with some characters that users entered and you don’t expect them, like carriage return, line feed, unsanitized quotation marks (") and similar, and usually these mess up with the import, or they mix with delimiters somehow. Notepad++ is a great tool to help in that kind of a job.

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