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Error uploading CSV in data panel

I’ve been trying to upload data to my database via a .CSV file and I keep getting the same error. Here’s a reference of what the error is saying:

I dug around bubble to find a sample .CSV file to make sure my formatting was right and tried to upload it as a test. Same error! So I’m not sure what’s wrong if I can’t even upload the file that was posted as a sample of the proper format.

Here are pics of my .CSV file and the sample .CSV I found on bubble. I know there’s one difference between my file and the sample file: my file doesn’t have quotes around every field but the sample file does. But, I get the same error with both files, and I’ve tried to upload a sample of my files with the double quotes and that doesn’t help, so I don’t think that’s relevant for this error.


Here’s where I got the sample file:

The error references brackets and I’ve tried to put brackets around my rows but it just reads the brackets as the first letter of the first value in the row and the last letter of the last value in the row, resulting in the same error. Please help!

Have you tried exporting the data in CSV format from a spreadsheet app? I’ve used Google Sheets without issue. It’s not clear if you’re doing so, but you certainly shouldn’t have to “hand craft” your CSV. Just get it into a spreadsheet and export.

Yes, the .CSV file I have was exported directly from Excel. I just tried to put the same data into Google Sheets and export a .CSV and got the same error.

That’s odd. The reference to “brackets” suggests that it might be a Bubble issue. To my knowledge, CSV doesn’t require brackets. The error seems like it could be referencing something “internal”.

It’s hard to tell much from a picture of the data, but if nobody else has any ideas, you might want to submit a bug report. :thinking:

I figured it out. When I set up the original fields I incorrectly clicked “this field is a list of items.” Bubble was expecting multiple values per field, which I guess would require the brackets.

Hi Can you explain a bit more how you solved the issue please?