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Export Your Bubble App's Source Code

Can someone point me in the direction of the discussion about this tool? I’m not aware of this being a thing.

In theory, if you trained AI to interpret Bubble JSON exports, you could generate workable code in an automated manner.


That would be a form of eliminating vendor lock-in. What happens when you want to stop paying the license fee though?

I’m willing to be tied to bubble that way… Infinite “rental” of their editor…

For me, (and yes, I’m stubborn) this is the only way to continue with bubble… I was shaken last year when they did what they did… Same thing this year but happy to have already built half my app outside (database and workflows) for legal reasons as well as trust (had to be hosted in Canada and wasn’t willing to pay the 3500$/month for dedicated).

I’m trying to put myself in a bubble’s ceo shoes and it’s the best solution for everyone… Do some hosting for people that want everything managed (with kubernetes in independant instances, like xano and many others do) but offset most of your infrastructure problems away by offering to “rent” your editor via azure store, aws store, etc… It’s almost one click install now.

That’s my version of “We want to win when you win”

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It would be nice to export source code. For example, what happens if someone hacks your account and deletes your app? Is there any way to recover from this?

This is what it says when you pop open that dialog…

This is my totally inexperienced and not to be taken too seriously attempt at a Bubble export framework. Exporting an app little by little reveals the JSONbase equivalent behind each new element, each new dynamic expression, each new workflow step, style change, etc.

It’s a monumental task to take that data and turn it into a source code conversion engine, but it’s theoretically possible. And yes, I’ve been using ChatGPT to help me :sweat_smile:

The project has temporarily stalled from lack of time, but I’d be very happy if anyone wanted to help me. The app I’m using is set to ‘Everyone can edit’ so basically anyone can have a go (assuming you can do the JSON export from a guest account). I’m using VSCode to manage the versioning in Github.


I love this. I don’t have the ability to contribute personally at this time, but as we grow I may reach out to you to discuss funding continued work on this and/or hiring developers to help you.

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I am hoping this can be a thing, bubbles price changes will increase my monthly costs by about 190% or more. (also their price change is rather dangerous, a spike in traffic or a bug in your live version could cost hundreds in overages overnight). Either I move / rebuild or I shutdown on October 1st, 2024.